What is the Best Smart Wristband for Sale?

What is the Best Smart Wristband for Sale?

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Smart wristbands are essential for tracking your work out and measuring your heart rate. If you do a lot of running, a smart wristband can track how far you run, your route and the distance you have ran. This means you don’t need to carry a heavy smart phone in your pocket while you run. But what is the best smart wristband for sale?


iWOWNfit Smart Wristband

The iWOWNfit Smart Wristband is a device which comes highly recommend from the customers who have bought and used this product. It features touch screen technology with an HD screen which shows the time, date, number of steps, distance, calories and notifications. You name it, it shows it!

It is also possible to receive notifications from your phone to the iWOWNfit. This can be useful when you are on the move and don’t want to take your phone out. The device also makes use of the latest heart rate tracking technology, so you can see over a 24-hour period how your heart rate is affected. What makes this device different from the competition is that it can intelligently identify what sport you are taking part in – whether it be running, walking or cycling. It is completely waterproof, so it can be used for swimming. This is a key requirement to look out for when choosing a smart wristband. The sleep tracking technology allows you to monitor the quality of sleep that you have experienced during the night. You can then use this advice to make changes to the way you sleep, using the sleep trends functionality. All in all, if you are looking for a good all-rounder for a competitive price, this is the wristband for you.

Letscom Smart Wristband

While not as well-known as some of the other smart wristbands on the market, it offers all the functionality that you will need from a smart wristband. It includes the ability to act as a pedometer, track calories and monitor the sleep of the user. Like the iWOWNfit, it can link using Bluetooth to provide alerts and notifications from your phone to your wristband. The sleep tracking system is quite advanced, as it can tell you how many hours of quality sleep you had, the number of awake hours and gives you an overall score.

The high-quality battery that is fitted within the Letscom provides around a weeks’ worth of standby time and around 4 days’ worth of operating time. The screen is an OLED screen, so it has touch screen capabilities. While not a full HD display, it offers a good enough display experience. For more information on the latest smart device technology, check out http://www.portable.technology.

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