What Adult Students Need In Order To Learn To Play The Piano

What Adult Students Need In Order To Learn To Play The Piano

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Why do adults decide to learn to play the piano? Lots of adults feel that they missed out on the opportunity to learn the piano as a child, and many others took lessons without learning very much. Like most kids, they probably found practice dull and boring and didn’t have the motivation to keep learning after the lessons stopped. Whether they are brand new to the piano or coming back to it after many years, there are just a few things that adult students need in order to learn to play the piano well.


Finding Time to Practice

First of all, they need time to practice. Adults tend to have busy schedules and juggle multiple responsibilities in their professional and personal lives. Learning the piano requires making time daily for practice. Most teachers recommend a minimum of 30 minutes per day, but even a few minutes on a busy day is better than nothing. Regular practice is far more important than lengthy practice to help students improve.

Use the Right Keyboard

Learners also need a keyboard to practice on. Some people prefer acoustic pianos, while others prefer digital keyboards because they are often smaller, less expensive, and quieter than a regular piano. The best way to learn to play the piano is to use either an acoustic piano or a keyboard with the full range of 88 keys.

What About Piano Learning Software?

Adult piano students also need a teacher and learning materials. Adults who need to maintain a flexible schedule can also opt for piano learning software like Playground Sessions, which was co-created by Quincy Jones and David Sides, who provides Playground Sessions online piano lessons. A good learning program should include a variety of music, self-paced lessons, access to an instructor, enjoyable music that will be fun to practice, and training on notation, rhythm, and other aspects of music theory.

Learning is possible at any age, and research suggests that learning to play a musical instrument can increase intelligence in children and preserve cognition in later life. Many adults are actually better equipped than children because they tend to be more highly motivated, more patient, and better at grasping theory. With time, motivation, and the right tools, anyone can become a piano player.

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