Cloud-based telephone systems for offices – What benefits can you reap?

Cloud-based telephone systems for offices – What benefits can you reap?

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With the sudden adoption and gaining momentum of cloud technology, cloud-based telephone systems are telephone services which the small businesses can purchase on the internet. Instead of having to maintain entire phone software on a specific server like a Private Branch Exchange, you can effortlessly purchase cloud phone system service from some provider and pay for the services on the basis of subscription.

This is the age of unified communications in offices and business firms and Shoretel  in Australia is one such telecommunication vendor which offers unified communications to companies. If you’re someone who is not much aware of the benefits that you can reap from a cloud based phone system, you may read on the concerns of this article for more information on this technology.

1: Curbs costs and improves savings

The small business firms which switch over to VoIP witness a reduction in the cost of local calls by around 40% and they even get a reduction of cost of international calls by around 90%. A moderate number of VoIP providing companies charge their clients less dollars per minute as compared to the leading and popular landline services. Irrespective of your call usage and call volume, you can always guarantee that a cloud based telephone technology can always cost you less every month if compared to a landline service. For call centers with high-traffic calls, unlimited packages are economical options. Moreover, hosted platforms won’t need you to buy costly hardware which requires installation and maintenance.

2: Flexibility with regards to geographical location

You don’t require being seated next to your desktop phone for making calls through a cloud based telephony system. Cloud based phone technology permits you to work easily from anywhere even without a good internet connection. You just have to set up your IP phone, switch on your laptop and use your smartphone to make calls from the cloud phone system. So, it needs no mention that you can work on the go, from home or even as a full-time employee based in remote areas.

3: Reliability is the key

The components of a cloud-based telephone system aren’t all located in a similar location, hence most providers offer low quality service and few disruptions in services. This is the age of decentralized set-up where geographic redundancy is the buzzword. Here the word ‘redundant’ is being used to imply that the various servers are all a mirror-image of the others. For instance, if a service provider hosts few servers in Sydney and Melbourne, both of them can act as back-ups in case a specific server stops working due to a sudden odd situation. Cloud telephone systems have small amount of downtime which is otherwise caused due to geographic redundancy.

As we see, cloud phone systems are getting increasingly common and popular these days, especially among small and large scale businesses. Viable solutions for medium and small-sized businesses offer customers new reliability and flexibility with regards to cloud based phone systems. It’s never too late to switch to this technology and you too can do so if you think you can reap benefit from such a platform.

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