3 Other Reasons You Need a Home Security System

3 Other Reasons You Need a Home Security System

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A simple and surprisingly cost-effective home upgrade, installing a home security system can be a great investment for your family. Today’s modern systems, such as those provided by ACN Inc, are not the clunky, obnoxious, expensive systems of decades past. Boasting remarkable leaps forward in technology, the security systems of today are sleek, uncomplicated, and extremely effective.

Significant Protection from Burglary and Unlawful Entry

Protection from burglary, forcible entry, and unlawful entry without force truly are crucial reasons for installing a security system in your home. Here’s why:

  • $14.3 billion is estimated to have been lost resulting from property crimes in 2015, according to the FBI.
  • 8% of all households (10.4 million households) experienced one or more property victimizations in 2014, according to The Bureau of Justice.
  • 60% of burglars say that the presence of an alarm would cause them to discontinue their attempt, according to The UNC Charlotte Department of Criminal Justice & Criminology.

Having a security system drastically improves your odds of being able to protect your family and possessions, which is reason enough to consider installing an alarm. However, protection from burglary and household victimization are not the only reasons. Here are three other crucial reasons to consider one for your house.


1- Provides Safety from Fire, Gas, and Medical Emergencies

As an additional protection for your home and family, security systems offer an early warning of not only smoke but heat as well. If smoke or heat are detected, the fire authorities will be contacted automatically. Since a small flame can turn into an out-of-control fire in just thirty seconds, saving precious minutes can be critical.

Carbon monoxide is a deadly poison that can be introduced into your living environment by burning natural gas, wood, and charcoal. Unfortunately, most everyone is at risk. The good news is that many security systems are now outfitted with monitors to warn you (and the authorities) of dangerous levels in your home so you can escape to fresh air and medical treatment, if necessary.

Many security systems are outfitted with a call system that can dispatch medical authorities to your house should a medical emergency take place such as a fall or incapacitation due to a seizure. This security feature can be especially important and reassuring in homes with young children, a sick or disabled family member, or an elderly person.

2- Allows Remote Monitoring of Kids and Pets

When left alone at home, security systems can help parents and owners remotely monitor their kids and pets. As technology has advanced, many systems now allow users to login to view their home via computer, phone, or tablet. Services that can be used remotely may include:

  • Locking and unlocking doors
  • Arming and disarming the system
  • Watching live-feed video of their young children, teenagers, or aging parents
  • Ensuring your pets aren’t destroying your home or valuables
  • Watching for nosy neighbors or “peeping toms”
  • Monitoring motion detectors for mischievous action outside your home
  • Notifying you of a flood resulting from a broken pipe

3- Saves Money on Utility Bills and Insurance

With modern advances in home security systems, oftentimes you can use your phone or tablet to access your thermostat, lights, and small appliances. For example, you can remotely turn off (or on) your lights, set your thermostat to a specific temperature, or turn off your oven.  Not only will these options provide extra security when you are away but they can also reduce your utility bills.

Another important thing to point out is that homes equipped with a security system usually receive a discount of 10-20% off of their homeowner’s insurance premium.


When searching for a home security company, there are a few things to consider. For example, will your security system be installed by an experienced professional? Does the system communicate via landline, broadband, or cellular? Can you choose from a variety of camera models (stationary, wide angle, indoor/outdoor)? Which level of mobile remote access do you want to have to your home? Do you want medical pendants for those with special needs?

Each of these requests and requirements will affect the equipment needed and the cost of your home security system. Installation costs can range from $600-$1200 and monthly monitoring plans average around $30.

Considering the 2011 average value of items taken during a burglary was $2,120 (not including sentimental value) the peace of mind a security system such as ACN Inc (check out ACN reviews online) provides is easily worth its price.

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